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What Is PPC Marketing?​

Pay per click or PPC is a paid search model. You can use this method to place ads in strategy places online. With PPC, you can build your companies online brand awareness, sell your products or services, and gain immediate traffic to your website or landing page from your targeted audience. Why the model is called PPC is because advertisers only pay every time a visitor clicks on their ads

This paid search model is not only limited to Google search engines and the Google Display Network. Social Media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn also use the pay per click model.

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How can PPC Marketing help my business?

Pay Per Click Advertising is one of the fastes ways to see results on your ad spent. Here are the reasons why you should invest in paid search advertising today.

You can choose preciously who your ads are shown too based on the following: location, keywords, age, gender, Interest, language, or type of devices.

You can monitor how well your ads are doing and adjust them as needed if one campaign is not giving you the results you were hoping for.

You will be able to see results for your ad within hours or days.

You will not pay for an ad that the customer does not click on.

Increases the amount of time visitors spend on your website.

PPC Marketing Services we offer

Pay Per Click

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Search Ads

The search advertising model is the most common way to promote your brand online, they appear on top of the search engine result pages (serps) above the organic search results. These ads are best for one-time campaign promotions or sales cycles that are shorter.

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Display Ads

The display advertising model is effective because it reaches more than 90% of its target audience on Googles partner websites. Display Ads are best for longer sales cycles, service or product niches.

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Social Ads

The social media paid advertising model is the fastest growing segment of all the pay per click advertising services. They appear on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. Social Ads target customer interests, values, beliefs, and many other factors. They are best for brands that are active on social media platforms.

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Amazon Ads

The amazon advertising model is the best PPC service model if your brand is selling anything on Amazon. They will increase your brand awareness and generate more sales by placing sponsored ads on certain areas of the amazon site.

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Retargeting Ads

The retargeting advertising model is great if you have visitors viewing your web page but are not converting into leads or sales. It will allow you to place ads online targeting those individuals that have already interacted with your brand and know who you are.

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Local Search Ads

The local search advertising model targets customers that are searching for businesses or services near yours on google maps or google.

Common Pay Per Click Question?

We Have your Answers

Business owners or marketing managers that have difficulties with the the following.  

  • New to online advertising and have no experience running ads.
  • Not familiar with the different ad platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc).
  • Busy and do not have time to keep up with the latest industry trends and guidelines.

The cost for our pay per click advertising services can be broken up into a flat fee and percentage of sales made.

  • A Flat fee: This is for additional work that needs to be completed aside from running the ad itself. Such as the following: ad copy updates, rotating ads and landing page creation. Our flat rate is $649/month.
  • Percentage of sales made: We believe that paying for results keeps you happy and it strengthens our relationship. We charge 20% of the sales we generate for your business.

Some of the benefits of pay per click advertising are the following:

  • Not spending a penny over the budget allocated.
  • Targeting customers by keyword, location, time of day.
  • Measure and track leads, traffic and conversion to your website.
  • Getting predictable ROI – If it is generating profits, then spend more. If it it’s not, then stop.


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